Bhakti House Band Explains New Roots to Revolutions Album

Bhakti House Band, the devotional, kirtan chanting band lead by musicians and singers Randall and Kristin Brooks, who lead a weekly chant at Fort Worth’s Unity Church every Thursday, is releasing a brand-new album this year. The album Roots to Revolutions is set to release in it’s full this November, but the band has already begun an incremental release of it.

They debuted a special song, Take Me to the River, live at one of their weekly chants just in time for Good Friday. The song, Kristin Brooks said, talks about spiritual renewal, a theme she and her husband Randall said was an important takeaway from their album as a whole.

The main message of the album is to learn and take from your roots so that you may rise up. This message comes at a time when Randall and Kristin believe the world really needs it. Their hope is that Roots to Revolutions serves as a hope and inspiration for the world.

 “This music helps you get in touch with the heart because the mind is wired for survival. Everyone’s in turmoil and they’re in survival mode. We’re here to say that there’s more to life,” Randall said.

The mantra chanting power couple aren’t asking of people what they aren’t doing for themselves. They said that working on Roots to Revolutions itself was a process of love and growth for themselves.

Kirtan is a type of music using Sanskrit words in chants and originates from India. The word kirtan comes from a Sanskrit word which means "to call out."

Roots to Revolutions features sounds reminiscent of Randall and Kristin’s past influences such as rap and gospel as well as fresh new sounds using unique instruments. Great musicians playing in the album include gong master Kenny Coulter, string instrument player known for playing with the Eagles Milo Deering, Christian rock pianist Andrew Frye and jazz musician of Snarky Puppy Mark Lettieri.

Of course, the couple does not stray far from the signature instruments their known for playing in live performances. Randall’s signature harmonium is a portable traditional Indian instrument similar to an organ that Kristin said is a singing partner itself. Kristin’s dholak is a double-sided drum that is also a traditional Indian instrument she said she loves.

You can find early releases of Roots to Revolutions songs, preorder the album and find other ways to support Bhakti House Band at their Indiegogo page. They can be followed on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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