Mineral Wells’ Abandoned Haunted Hotel Will Reopen in 2022

The sleepy town of Mineral Well, Texas might not be so sleepy for too much longer. Mineral Wells has some notoriety within the paranormal community for its numerous allegedly haunted buildings, but the small town might otherwise be overlooked by tourists these days.

The town has a rich history and was once a booming town visited by people all over the world, though. The Grand Old Lady— the famous Baker Hotel brought in celebrity guests its heyday. It never survived piling economic hardships and closed down in 1963.  The town the Baker Hotel’s old hustle and bustle left behind seemingly went into hibernation. Several efforts to bring the hotel back to life failed.

“baker fun 2 511” by Poisoned_Pics_Photography on Flickr

Since its final closure in 1972, the Baker Hotel stood as a giant tombstone in the heart of Mineral Wells. It later gained some notoriety for its haunted activity. The Baker Hotel has been featured on shows like Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures, but its interior has otherwise been unseen.

Photo by Alexa Needham from Pexels

But there’s good news! Mineral Wells might be waking from its slumber with the Baker Hotel’s long anticipated revival. Buzzing rumors had folks hoping for the hotel’s revival for years, but efforts fell short until now. The hotel finally received all necessary funding to complete the project— a whole $65 million.

If you’re having trouble believing it, prep began for the construction fence on July 1. It’s really happening!

The new Baker Hotel & Spa is expecting its debut back into the world sometime in 2022. Although it will not have its original 450 guestrooms open for reservation, it will have a good 157 rooms available. The hotel will boast modern and luxurious amenities, including a restaurant, coffee shop and retail. The ground will be groomed to be able to host weddings and other special events.

You think the ghosts will still be there? We won’t know until 2022.

You can follow news on the Baker Hotel’s renovation by following its official social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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