Maven’s Moon Combines Massage Therapy And Sound Healing Techniques

Video created by Lizmarie Torres-Irizarry

Megan “Maven” Dolph, owner of the massage studio and metaphysical shop Maven’s Moon Apothecary and Massage Studio, just opened her storefront earlier this year, and it’s already seeing some big changes.

The shop has been moved just a couple doors down from its original location at 1111 to 1109 Roberts Cut Off Rd in River Oaks. That’s not all. Maven’s Moon now has a Witch’s Kitchen, where you can buy handmade herbal products.

And while its store floor is a collection of locally made products from several different artisans from the DFW area as well as some Maven’s Moon original brand products, it will soon be featuring many more new Maven’s Moon brand products. Megan will also be adding new services to her spa menu.

Photo by Lizmarie Torres-Irizarry

While the storefront could still be considered a new shop on the block in the North Texas metaphysical scene, Megan has been taking her products to local pop-ups and events for years.

She’s been a massage therapist for 17 years and says that she has been doing energy healing work for much longer than that. The Maven’s Moon storefront has become more and more a combination of her expertise and talents.

Photo by Lizmarie Torres-Irizarry

Megan has introduced a handful of new products and services already since the store’s grand opening in February and is eager to introduce more.

What makes Maven’s Moon unique? Aside from its grounding, earthy aesthetic, it combines the traditional with the spiritual as a massage studio. Many of Megan’s services include energy/Reiki healing techniques, a holistic therapy technique that’s been increasing in popularity using the movement of universal energy. The Sanctify massage uses a combination of Swedish massage and Reiki touch.

Megan also utilizes another technique growing in mainstream popularity— sound therapy. While many holistic practices lack the science to back them up, this one’s possibly got more merit. Neuroscience research has shown that sound therapy is capable of reducing stress and mental illness symptoms. If that sounds good to you, you could book a sound healing massage.

The Healing Sound and Sage massage entails a cleansing sage smoke, personalized herb blend, tuning fork, small drum and sound bowl to give you a full chakra balancing. The instruments serve to balance the body’s vibrational energy and clear energetic blockages.

Photo by Lizmarie Torres-Irizarry

Megan said that she uses her sound healing instruments as she feels she is called to for any of her services as long as the client is comfortable.

To book a service, give Maven’s Moon a call at 817-367-9235. Follow Maven’s Moon on Facebook and Instagram to keep a look out for fun new events and cool new products and services to come.

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