Meet the Talented Artist Behind the Bewitching Work of Red Milk Crone

Diane Pereira, who goes by Di, is the eclectic artist behind the creepy but cute work of Red Milk Crone, a unique art business and social media name she built for herself in Fort Worth. She creates her mesmerizing masterpieces at her own studio loft in her home in Fort Worth, Texas.

Much of Di’s work depicts images of creepy, twisted figures and witches wearing black pointy hats, and it’s what she’s become known for. They all have a cute flare she says she adores.

Red Milk Crone currently has two collections, Cute but Psycho and Anxiety Society, the latter of which she has more recently added to with new pieces depicting mental health issues.

The idea for Anxiety Society, she said, came from mental health awareness month, which has been observed in the month of May since 1949. Di hopes to raise awareness with her Anxiety Society collection by showing the world what mental illness feels like.

She says her earliest memories of creating art were with just a phonebook and a pen frequently handed to her by her Portuguese mother in order to pacify her when she was two years old. As her artist skills developed, she collected what supplies she could.

Di said that she never could stick to one style, a fact that she said many professionals have told her is to her detriment as an artist. This, however, hasn’t bothered her. Her various changes in style over the years keeps her fresh, she said. She is always looking for an artistic challenge once she feels she’s mastered a style.

Many people of the witchy and pagan communities of North Texas have become familiar with her and her work. Red Milk Crone art has been displayed at local pagan pop-ups and galleries. Di has also organized witchy and pagan events for other vendors through Brujaus and Fort Witch.

Red Milk Crone’s work can also be seen on display at Coven Cuts, a salon in Fort Worth, and Horror Freak, an all-things-horror shop in Hurst. Art can also be purchased on Red Milk Crone’s website. If you’re not in the DFW area, however, Red Milk Crone’s art can be admired on Facebook and Instagram.

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