Bhakti House Band Leads Weekly Chant at Unity Church of Ft. Worth

Bhakti House Band, a devotional music band, has organized a weekly chant and supportive mythology class held at Unity Church of Fort Worth. The class is set to begin at 6 p.m., and chanting follows at 7 p.m. every Thursday. Randall and Kristin Brooks, Christian mystics and founding singers and musicians of the band who have been together going on 25 years, started this weekly event mid last year but have just recently gathered a good, steady group of regulars.

The band has so far released four albums. Two of their albums are meditation and two are kirtan albums. Kirtan comes from a Sanskrit word which means “to call out,” Kristin said, and that is exactly what they do every Thursday at Unity Church with whoever will come out to join them.

“Sanskrit can’t be translated directly into English because it’s more of an essence. It’s like when you talk about love. In Sanskrit, its sound is not a word that labels. It actually holds the essence of that word,” she explained. “Kirtan means to call out but it’s always with this underlying understanding that there’s always going to be an answer.”

After the addition of the class before chanting just last month, Kristin said that their regulars are really getting it. At the class, she explains the mythologies and stories behind what they chant. She says that the characters in these mythologies are representative of the archetypes within ourselves, such as the different parts of our personalities and our being, and the poetic mythologies help us understand them.

“Chanting can be healing. It can help connect us with ourselves. When we chant, we are tuning our instrument,” Kristin said.

Randall and Kristin draw from many spiritual traditions and styles of music. According to their website, they integrate “Sanskrit mantra and kirtan, inspirational English lyrics, spoken word, and even conscious rap” in their music. Bhakti House Band has played their unique music across the country and internationally.

They started an incremental pre-release of their latest album, Roots to Revolutions, last month. The album in its entirety is still in its production stage.

Randall and Kristin began the incremental release of Roots to Revolutions to help fund the completion of the album. They said that the the incremental release was also a way to get their new music out to their loyal fans faster, one single at a time as they are each completed. 

To support Bhakti House Band, find their music on iTunes and Spotify. They can also be followed on InstagramFacebook and Twitter for updates on the band and occasional slices of inspiration. Support their newest album, Roots to Revolutions, with purchases made through their Roots to Revolutions campaign on IndieGoGo.

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