Lady Shiya Offers Spiritual Guidance to Life’s Problems at Maven’s Moon

Lady Shiya is an intuitive tarot card reader with 28 years of experience who is now offering readings every Thursday at Maven’s Moon Apothecary and Massage Studio. Maven’s Moon is a holistic and metaphysical shop located in River Oaks. The shop just recently opened last month on Feb. 9, 2019. Since its first week in business, Lady Shiya has made herself available at her cozy reading table right as you walk in through the door of Maven’s Moon. Guests can choose to be seen for a reading there, in the shop’s friendly and inviting space at the front of the store, or in the back for a quieter and more private atmosphere.

“My general, main focus is using the cards because people need something to hold on to. They need something to see to be able to explain some of the things that just sound like they’re coming out of thin air,” Lady Shiya said.

Although tarot cards are her preferred divination tools, Lady Shiya said that she had experience using various other divination tools such as tea leaves, runes, crystals and throwing bones. Aside from her tarot readings, her most utilized readings are aura, crystal and tea leaf readings. She has even taught the owner of Maven’s Moon, Megan Dolph, how to read tea leaves, and Megan now offers them at Maven’s Moon as well.

Lady Shiya and Megan Dolph offer tea leaf readings (tasseography) at Maven's Moon in River Oaks.
Lady Shiya and Megan Dolph offer tea leaf readings (tasseography) at Maven’s Moon in River Oaks. (Photo: Lizmarie Torres-Irizarry)

“The majority of people think that tarot is about telling the future, but I find that the biggest benefit is about spiritual insight. Most people want to know that they’re okay. On a mental health level, it really helps people connect with themselves and to understand those things that maybe they’re avoiding,” Lady Shiya said about the benefits of an intuitive reading.

If you can’t make it to Maven’s Moon for a reading from Lady Shiya, a reading over the phone can also be scheduled. For phone readings, she offers single question and times 30-minute readings. Readings can be scheduled by giving Lady Shiya a phone call at (817)458-8055 or by messaging her on Facebook. Follow her Facebook page to stay updated on her services and availability.

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