New Ghost Tour with a Valentine’s Day Twist in San Antonio

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, founders of Curious Twins Paranormal and Ghost Tours, Stephen and Fred Garza-Guzman, have organized a new tour to bring people together for a night of true crime and ghost stories in the downtown San Antonio area. Bad Romance: Valentine’s True Crime and Ghost Tour will explore stories of romance gone bad at downtown San Antonio locations with historically documented hauntings like the Menger Hotel and Spanish Governor’s Palace.

Menger Hotel, San Antonio, Texas
Menger Hotel, San Antonio, Texas; Photo by AndYaDontStop on Flickr

Co-owner, Fred, said that they will talk about serial killers which have lived within the city and some theories for crimes which have not yet been solved, like the gruesome murder in room 636 at the Gunter hotel. He said that they also will cover stories about prostitution in San Antonio’s old red-light district, which was once the third largest red-light district in the nation.

“It’s really about having fun with a holiday where people are kind of confronted blatantly in the face— ‘Are you in love?’, all these kinds of things. Love doesn’t always work out. It’s not always this picture book thing, but can we learn from that? Can we grow from that as a society? Can we honor ourselves and give ourselves a little self-love? That’s really what we’re about,” Fred explained.

As lovers of history, Fred, said that they do extensive research on the stories they cover during their tours. Their research has allowed them to tell stories which are lesser known and some which have sometimes never before been told.

“In a day and age where ghost tours are becoming a silly kind of staple in a lot of major cities, we’re not going to try to scare you. We’re not a haunted house, we don’t want to do that. All we want to do is tell you the truth, and we kind of think the truth is scary enough,” Fred said about their personal take on ghost tours.

Curious Twins have proven to be great tellers of strange stories not only through their four regularly scheduled tours but through other exhibits they have put on in town as well. They have hosted two paranormal festivals and have one in the works for later this year. According to Fred, they intend to have a unique theme, like last year’s haunted toys theme, for each one.

Bad Romance Valentine's True Crime & Ghost Tour February Dates
Bad Romance: Valentine’s True Crime & Ghost Tour Dates

The Bad Romance: Valentine’s True Crime & Ghost Tour will be given on just five dates from February 2 till February 15 and will cost $15 per person. Tours will meet at the Alamo at 8:00 p.m. and will last roughly an hour and a half. The Curious Twins website’s Q&A page states that tour guides can be found wearing Curious Twins t-shirts and holding brochures.

Reservations are required by phone, online or Facebook messenger. Tickets can be purchased online through either the Curious Twins website or the direct link posted in the details section of the Facebook Event page.

For information on future cool, themed ghost tours like their Valentine’s Day one, and other future events they organize, follow Curious Twins on Facebook and check out their Facebook Events. They can also be followed on Twitter and Instagram for updates on tours, psychic readings from Fred and Stephen and Fred’s paranormal adventures.

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