The Whispering Cottage May Become a “Dead and Breakfast”

The Whispering Cottage, where paranormal investigators new and seasoned can pay to have their own paranormal experience, could soon be a bed and breakfast, says one of the cottage’s owners, James Smith.

That’s not the only thing people with interests in the paranormal can look forward to. The Whispering Cottage’s successful haunted hayride will be taking on a Christmas holiday theme starting Friday, November 16.

Smith said that he and his partners are currently working on getting the necessary permits to turn their paranormal attraction into a real bed and breakfast and that he feels they are close to getting there.

The Whispering Cottage at Mineral Wells, Texas
The Whispering Cottage at Mineral Wells, Texas

“I changed it to ‘Dead and Breakfast’ because it is haunted,” Smith said.

At The Whispering Cottage, guests are welcome to decide for themselves with the use of paranormal investigation equipment pros are known to use.

“We treat the entities or the spirits here like people. At one time they were. We’re not going to act like we’re on tv and scream and holler ‘demon possess me’ and all this other garbage. We treat spirits with respect,”

Smith said when talking about how investigations are conducted at the cottage.

Smith emphasizes to everyone he speaks to about paranormal investigations the importance of safety while doing any investigation, not just with them at The Whispering Cottage.

Smith said in regard to important ghost hunting safety, “This is the real deal. And I would rather you approach it seriously whether it’s here or anywhere else. I mean, yeah, I would love for anybody to come here, but even if they don’t, this— whether you believe or not, the spirits believe in you. So, do your research, be prepared, and don’t take it as a circus because it’s not.”

Not much is known about the cottage’s history before its current owners took over or it’s residing spirits.

According to Smith, there is nothing about its past inhabitants in public records, but there is record of two deaths occurring in the cottage, one of a young man who died in the room above the detached garage and one of a little boy who died from a fall down the stairs.

Smith says that the cottage was built in the 1920’s, around the time that Mineral Wells’ famous and historical Baker Hotel was constructed, a time of prosperity for the town. Smith at one time hired a psychic medium who he said made contact with the cottage’s original owners and even gave a man’s name.

Smith says that he and his partners have yet to do any research on the man but that they intend to very soon.

The history of other local haunted buildings can be heard on The Whispering Cottage’s Hayrides with Krampus Friday and Saturday nights this holiday season starting next week. A schedule can be found on their website’s calendar.

Mineral Wells history experts, Pamela Smith and Amanda Eagleton, guide the tour, taking guests around town to see and hear historical facts about haunted Mineral Wells, including two abandoned hospitals, and abandoned high school, an old school house, the Crazy Water Hotel, and even the abandoned Baker Hotel, known to some locals as “the grand old lady.”

The hayride meets and begins at the cottage. Spots for the hayride can be reserved ahead of time by calling The Whispering Cottage at 940-452-9123. Other upcoming events at The Whispering Cottage can be found on their Facebook page.

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