Authentic Ghost Hunting Experiences at The Whispering Cottage

The Whispering Cottage at Mineral Wells, Texas, haunted attraction
The Whispering Cottage at Mineral Wells, Texas

The Whispering Cottage is a paranormal research center in Mineral Wells, Texas where, for the price of a ticket, curious tourists can safely investigate the house like real paranormal investigators for an authentic paranormal experience.

After having numerous tenants move out of the house shortly after moving in, the house’s former owner advertised the house’s availability with the word “haunted” included on the “For Sale” sign in the house’s front yard.

Founder of the paranormal investigation team, Haunted Texas Paranormal, Amanda Eagleton and active members of her team, James and Pamela Smith, said they entered into a partnership and purchased the house after it was remodeled in 2016 with the intention of opening it up for paranormal investigators of all experience levels to explore.

“There is such a stigma attached to the paranormal. Hollywood has made it laughable. The shows that they have on TV… it’s so ratings driven that it’s not real. It’s not realistic,” James Smith said. “And people are curious. They want to find out, and this can give them an opportunity to experience their own experience.”

Paranormal investigation equipment, The Whispering Cottage; Mineral Wells, Texas
Paranormal investigation equipment, The Whispering Cottage

The Whispering Cottage can be rented from them for private events. Experienced investigators and paranormal investigation equipment can also be requested for events. Included is a quick Ghost Hunting 101, which Smith says explains to new investigators what can be expected, how to use the equipment and how to protect themselves from spiritual attachment.

“There’s nothing fake. There’s nothing made up. I would rather somebody walk out of here disappointed without an experience than for us to produce something, James Smith said. “And the look on someone’s face when they have their own experience is priceless.” Smith answered when asked why he thought people should visit The Whispering Cottage.

“That’s what I want for other people. To be able to answer their own question. Because I can’t answer it for them,” Smith said. “As long as we have a place that’s a safe environment that people are not going to get hurt, and they can experience even the slightest bit of the paranormal, then it’s all worth it.”

Dates and times for ghost hunt and sleepovers or just ghost hunts can be found on their Facebook page. Tickets can be purchased by selecting an event from their Facebook page and clicking the “Get Tickets” option. More information about The Whispering Cottage and information on booking a private event can also be found on their website.

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