Singing Bowls Are The Next Best Thing to Amp Up Your Zen Practice

Music therapy has been in popular use for years, but it has recently become far more accessible with the growing popularity of instruments like singing bowls, and it’s hard to mess up.

With the simple tap of a striker on your own singing bowl, the both mental and physical experience of letting the vibrations resonate within your space can transform you to a more relaxed and zen state, making it a perfect addition to anyone’s meditation practice.

Tibetan singing bowl
Photo from Max Pixel

Each singing bowl is tuned at a different note. The bigger the bowl, the deeper the sound. They can be made of metal, crystal or glass.

Silent Mind, Amazon’s top seller of Tibetan singing bowls, concluded a year-long survey asking customers why they chose to buy a singing bowl. Most said that they bought their singing bowls to complement their own meditation and mindfulness practices and that they preferred the in-person experience to sound recordings like those found on YouTube.

Meditation is becoming a common practice across all religious practices in the United States. While some might be quick to say that this is a Millennial fad, Pew Research Center’s study on meditation frequency shows that Generation X and Baby Boomers are more likely to meditate.

On Prime Day last year, Silent Mind sold their singing bowls at a discounted rate for six hours. In those six hours, the company made record sales, selling thousands of bowls. This could mean that there is a continued increase in the general need to destress.

In an interview with Markets Insider last September, company founder Richard Pol said that he believed more and more people are looking to “get into the zone easily.”

Singing bowls are not only used in private practice, but in businesses promoting relaxation like yoga studios and spas as well. Nicole Loyd, the founder of SoundBirth, even uses them to set a relaxing, peaceful space for childbirth. She announced on Twitter that the first SoundBirth baby born right here in Texas was born October of 2013. The possibilities for use are vast.

With spirituality and mindfulness becoming mainstream, you can purchase your own singing bowl almost anywhere. They can be found online, at your local metaphysical store or even the mall.

If you’re feeling lucky, you could enter Silent Mind’s Facebook giveaway contest and you could win one of their exclusive Peace Mantra singing bowl sets. All you have to do is comment #mindfulness on the contest’s Facebook post before the end of June.

For more about Silent mind, visit their website.

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